BNT’s got a new pair o’ shoes! Or at least, a new format.

Photo: Christine Garvin

Starting this week, we’re going to be doing things a bit different here at BNT.

Over the last year or so, you may have become accustomed to daily posts from myself, co-editor Alex Andrei, and a group of fantastic contributors. But we decided it’s time to switch things up a bit.

Just as the internet (and oh yeah, life in general) is constantly evolving, so must BNT and Matador. We took a look at what types of articles seem to be most enjoyed by you, the reader, how our contributors like to be challenged to become better writers, and how both Alex and I like to explore the theme of spirituality and travel in a more in-depth manner.

From here, we came up with what we believe is a fantastic next step – less posts, more quality.

Every Monday and Thursday, we will publish profound and inspiring pieces from the community and the editors on topics that will hopefully engage your mind even further. There will also be the occasional post of important (or hilarious) news we think you’ll be interested in, and different events happening around the world related to inner travel and spirit.

Mostly, we’ll focus on high quality content that tells the real story hidden underneath the obvious one.

What would we like from you? Feedback! What subjects are you pumped to find covered when you pull up our url? Which ones make your lip curl up in disdain and have you mutter, “brotha, pulease“? We want your help to bring you some of the best spirit and travel literature on the web. And don’t forget to let us know over the coming weeks how you feel about the new format.

Take a few minutes, look through the archives, contemplate your likes and dislikes. Then add them to the comments section below, or email me directly at

And many thanks for your time and effort!