‘The Colbert Report’ referenced a BNT article, and didn’t even make fun of it in the process. Well, not completely, anyway.

Many thanks goes out to Matador member Linda Golden for alerting us that ‘The Colbert Report’ referenced a BNT article on last night’s episode.

The piece, Overweight Charged For Second Seat On Airplanes: Is “Fatism” To Blame?, was shown as part of Colbert’s introduction of Professor Amy Farrell. Farrell is the author of the forthcoming book, Fat Shame.

Colbert talked about the current US healthcare bill, which has an amendment that mandates lower premiums for people who lose weight. Along with the baby who was denied health insurance for being too large and Ralph Lauren’s dismissal of an “overweight” model, Colbert showed the BNT article and asked,

Oh, they [the overweight] can’t use the same seat as everyone else? You know who that reminds me of? Rosa Parks. [Looks left off stage] Oh, she’s thin? Then why couldn’t she sit up front?

Here’s the clip (article is shown at 1:31):

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Canadian visitors can watch the clip here.

Unfortunately, Colbert grabbed the trademark for “weightism.” Damn you, Colbert! Then I’m trademarking “fatism.” Oh, that’s already taken, too.

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