Me in Dublin enjoying a pint. Other dude in background not enjoying… anything.

New co-editor joins the Brave New Traveler team.

Hello BNT Readers, my name is Alex Andrei and I’m thrilled to be joining BNT as a co-editor. I have been writing about spirituality and philosophy for the last few years, but have been a student of these subjects for much longer.

I’m not sure how or why it all started. One day, I simply started to wonder about the purpose of existence. It was bothering me (as I’m sure it has bothered plenty of other people throughout history). Friends had “helpfully” suggested that maybe I had too much time on my hands.

However, it occurred to me that this state of wondering was EXACTLY the inspiration behind most of the progress that has ever been made on any philosophical or spiritual subject (save for all those breakthroughs credited to psychedelic substances).

So ironically, all advancement has been made by people with too much time on their hands. Hmm, all of a sudden someone doesn’t feel like such a loser.

How I Hooked Up With BNT

Reading and writing about this stuff has become a passion of mine. And though I’d been writing mostly as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, I found that I was connecting with a lot of people who shared my enthusiasm for philosophy and spirituality.

That’s basically how I hooked up with BNT founder Ian MacKenzie. Over the course of a year, our shared interests led to Facebook messages, which led to interesting chats, which led to me writing this post.

What I Do When I’m Not Working on BNT/Matador Stuff

I live in New York, and have for most of my life. My day job is in the corporate world (which is really fascinating, and I know you’d love for me to talk at length about it). I also enjoy travel, reading, and obsessively dissecting LOST.

Memorable Travel Experience

As a teenager, I was nearly bludgeoned to death by miners (yes, as in coal miners) who stormed into Bucharest, Romania to break up a student protest (long story). Luckily, I whipped out my trusty American passport and was spared a pick-axe to the frontal lobe.

What subjects would you like to see covered by Alex? Share your thoughts in the comments!