Tim and Laura join BNTNow almost one year old, your favourite travel web-zine is expanding!

I’ve had the privilege of hiring two new members to our team:

Tim Patterson (Co-Editor) – You may know Tim from his weekly Tales from the Road roundups and his articles in various magazines like Get Lost and now SF Chronicle.

Tim will help edit and prepare new BNT articles for publishing, which saves me from being buried under the avalanche of great content that you’re all sending in.

Laura Kammermeier (Advertising Manager) – is a bird watcher who loves to hike, find new places to explore, and thankfully for me, is now handling advertising for BNT. With a background in web editing and ad management, she’s a perfect fit.

This expansion wouldn’t have been possible without all you readers (and our wonderful sponsors). We look forward to publishing more great content in the weeks and months to come.

Also, keep an eye out for our one year anniversary celebration… announcement soon.

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