It’s time now to round up our favourite links from around the web.

Are you part of the “Gen Y” generation and feel like giving your opinion on adventure tourism? Check out this survey here.

The year is still young, and a good recap of 2007 isn’t out of style yet. MSN has seen The Strangest Travel Stories of 2007.

Ben Groundwater’s Why We Travel might be the place to start your New Year’s resolutions. Also, check out the link to Alain de Botton’s recent work on The Art of Travel.

Rolf Potts posts a provocative rant on the rhetoric of “ethical travel.”

The Telegraph reveals what’s not so green about sea cruises. Also, read up on the final voyage of the QE2, and then head over to see why the future’s in the clouds.

The Travelrag and Tamara Sheward take you to legendary Transnistria – or do they?

Finally, The Traveler’s Notebook reveals how you can ditch the 9 to 5 and make travel writing your full time gig.

Enjoy the weekend!

F. Daniel Harbecke (just call him Daniel, the F’s a family thing) is currently working on “A Philosophy of Travel,” which envisions travel as a metaphor for the meaningful experience of life. Daniel has lived in Europe, South America and Asia and is trying to fund his tony lifestyle in Sweet Home Chicago.