It’s that magical time of the week now where we round up our favourite links from around the web. (And by “we” I of course mean “me” because I’m the editor and I can do what I want…)

Last year we published an interview with Daniela Kon, the director of a new documentary about voluntourism. She’s hoping to raise funding to finish the film – so if you’re inclined, go pitch in!

The Vancouver Sun rounds up a list of Six Travel Sites Worth Discovering. And wouldn’t you know it, BNT is first on the list!

Sizzling and hot are just what you’d call this Rolf Pott’s article revealing travel tips from Sir Francis Bacon.

Ever seen the inside of an Airbus380’s cockpit? Neither had I…until now.

Upload and “incredible travel photo” and write a story about it, and you could win a $25,000 dream trip from Conde Nast.

KLM Airline has a funny promotion “Stop the Hassle” – basically an excuse to upload video of you dancing horribly on the beach and on the road.

Couples listen up: Budget Travel offers the secret of how to travel together and stay together.

Finally, Vagabondish digs deep and rounds up 12 Google Shortcuts Every Traveler Should Know. From how to check the weather, convert your currency and more.

Enjoy the weekend! As for me, I’m off to Hawaii.

Ian MacKenzie is editor of Brave New Traveler. Aside from writing, he spends his time exploring the fundamental nature of existence and wishing he did more backpacking.