It’s time now to round up our favourite links from around the travel web-o-sphere!

First up, Times Online warns about the 13 best travel scams to save you from the cheats and the sharks.

Even though I’m Canadian, I know an inspiring political video when I see one: watch Obama’s “Yes We Can.”

The US budget for 2008 is 3 trillion dollars – that’s a million times one million, or a thousand times one billion. Learn more interesting facts about 3 trillion.

Wisebread rounds up 11 volunteer opportunities you may not have uncovered.

Boots n All posted an interesting interview with Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, where they discuss (among other things) his new book, Lonely Planet, and travel.

BNT contributor Cam Karsten asked me to extend the offer of a Yoga retreat in Bali, Aug. 17-31, 2008. For more details, visit here.

Torture or not? Current TV has a controversial video depicting the practice of “water-boarding.” Not for the faint of heart.

Enjoy the weekend!

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