It’s that glorious time now when I wake up early on a Saturday to shuffle through the travel-sphere’s best of the week. Enjoy!

Robin Esrock takes you on a culinary journey through some surprisingly delicacies from around around the planet.

Four words: Tetris Ice Cube Maker. Brilliant.

A car that runs on compressed air? Get’s over 100 gas-equivalent mpg and over 90 mph, has zero to low C02 emissions, seats six? Check this out. That’s almost as amazing as the tetris ice cubes.

In true “ridiculously long link post roundup style” have a read of Go Green Travel Green’s Ultimate Packing List.

Spread good karma with Vagabondish’s 5 Simple Ways to Be Kind To Your Fellow TravelerGaze upon the World’s 16 Least Inspiring Flags.

And for inspiration, view The Best Travel Photographs of 2007 (as chosen by The Independent).

Enjoy the weekend!

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