Editor Ian MacKenzie rounds up his favourite links from around the travel web.

Who says the Oscar’s get all the glory? BNT was included in Lanora Mueller’s 10 Great Travel Writing Blogs, along with other notable’s.

Always a source for great articles, UTNE shares The Focused Life, on why people are so distracted. Also, for a harrowing read, check out The Death of a Journalist.

In a touching and controversial post, Katie from Uganda shares her story of leaving her home to take care of orphans in Uganda. While you may disagree with her conclusions about faith and sacrifice, it’s well-worth a read.

As a “seeker” you’ve probably been cautioned about becoming addicted to a guru’s teachings. But what if the guru is addicted to their students? Taoist teacher Casey Kochmer explores Co-dependence in the Enlightenment Business.

Here at BNT, I’ve shared short films from The Global Oneness Project in the past. Now meet the filmmaker who started it all.

Last year, I attended a talk in Vancouver given by former Zen teacher Adyashanti. Impressed by his presence and teachings, I’ve since read through a few of his books. I also came across this excellent interview with Adyashanti, Who Hear’s This Sound?

Any links we missed? Share in the comments!