Editor Ian MacKenzie digs deep to find you the best links from around the travel web this week.

Photo: diemieux

Robin Esrock writes his tips on Making the World’s Best Online Travel Videos.

For those still dealing with old fashioned pictures, check out our classic Ultimate Guide To Travel Slideshows.

Salon offers a revealing interview with Rick Steves, were he talks about Iran, terrorism, and the best places to smoke pot in Europe. After all, Rick is not pro-drugs, he’s pro common sense.

If the Flinstones taught us anything, it’s that stone suitcases were not practical. Luckily, the evolution of the suitcase continued on since those prehistoric days.

“The beach was too sandy,” and other ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers.

Book lovers rejoice! Here’s 10 Websites For Book Lovers that may not have heard of already.

Thinking of taking a gap year? Here’s how to make sure it isn’t a crap year.

Finally, a harrowing read on the intersection of race and pop culture:

“Racial invisibility is always relative and conditional, when you are discovered or reveal yourself, anything might happen.”

Don’t miss this excellent essay, Look Twice, that starts with a fistfight on the subway.

Enjoy the weekend!