It’s that spectacular time of the week where I round up my favourite links from around the travel-o-sphere!

Photo by the boy with the thorn in his side.

Would you keep your garbage for 3 months? That’s the challenge taken up by one American family in Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home. Don’t miss their Dirty Dozen cleanup directives.

Start Backpacking is hosting a travel photo contest asking What is your craziest travel moment?

Earlier this week we wrote about the coming US recession. Here’s some specific ideas on surviving it.

Tibet is engulfing the headlines these days. Check out Trashing the Bejing Road for an idea how the latest uprising started, and the CBC for how it got to this point.

Many younger folk aren’t as religious as previous generations, but instead identify themselves as spiritual, says the article Children of a modern God.

Lastly, Lifehacker’s put together a practical and imaginative list of do-it-yourself laptop stands.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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