Ian MacKenzie rounds up his favourite travel links from around the web, dishing them to you in a bite size weekend format.

Robin Esrock aka The Gonzo Traveler knows you’ve heard of medical tourism, faith tourism and voluntourism. Yet he still manages to reveal 8 Tour-isms You’ve Never Heard Of.

For many around the world, the “American Dream” used to mean that no matter where you came from, with enough grit and determination, you could make something of yourself. So how did it go so wrong? Read Vanity’s Fair’s epic article “Rethinking The American Dream.”

Mashable serves up How To Use Social Media For Travel Research, while Enduring Wanderlust suggests Unique Ways To Choose Your Next Destination.

Too many pints and banana pancakes ruining your immune system? Instead try honey, chili peppers, and others in 11 Common Foods To Naturally Relieve Illness While Traveling.

Are you drawn to travel with a craving you can’t ignore? Fresh New Life explains Why Travel Is So Addictive.

Finally, Lara Dunston explores the beta of Offbeat Travel Guides, and finds herself pessimistcally pondering the future of travel guides. Read parts one, two, and three.

Enjoy your weekend!