Best of the Week

It’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web. Enjoy!

How can one travel to a foreign place without watering down local culture? This question is posed in The Tibet Dilemma.

A provocative article over at Alternet is causing a stir Ecotourism: Responsible Travel or Marketing Sham?

Similarly, Timen and Daniel ruminate on the difference between a tourist and a traveler, if in fact, the distinction even exists.

The Cosumerist dishes up a video clip outlining 9 Times Travel Insurance Isn’t a Ripoff.

Gadling offers 5 Tips To Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Traveling.

Thinking of packing your mobile abroad? Better read NuNomad’s Cell/Mobile Phone Basics for Travelers.

And finally, have you ever wondered what make’s a great photo? Conscientious asks around and gathers a collection of answers.

Have a great weekend!