Ian MacKenzie rounds up the sexiest travel-ish links on the web and serves them up hot and spicy for you.

Enjoying the mud volcano, outside Cartegena, Colombia.

“To be fully healthy and alive today, I believe we must consider and become more open to the nomad within us.” In this thoughtful essay, Mark Lundegren lays out his manifesto for new nomadism.

From Iraq to Sudan, check out 5 Travel Destinations for Super-Adventurous Tourists. While Colombia also makes the list, calm your fears by reading 10 reasons why Colombia is not as dangerous as you think.

Given the choice, would you rather be a perpetual traveler or a world citizen? Joel Falconer explains the difference.

“We are all living in cages that our fear has created,” writes Derek at Live Uncomfortably. “If you want to get out you have to face those fears. The outside world is incredible.” Check out his full list of 27 Things I’ve Learned While Traveling.

Nature is beautiful…but slow. Sometimes painfully so… that is until you use the magic of time lapse photography.

Lastly, check out “What You Think Probably Won’t Kill You,” my rumination on how fear often keeps people from heading out on the road.

Enjoy the weekend!