Spiritual machines, war and peace, and free ebooks – just a few of the nuggets in this week’s roundup.

Wend Magazine, always an inspiring travel read, has offered their current version online for free! Check it out here.

The Peace Symbol turns 50th. Celebrate with this photo essay from Time.

Columbus proved the world was round, and Einstein failed math right? Maybe not. Read The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies You Were Taught In History Class.

“A journey is one of the most basic and ageless myths,” says author Philip Marsden, who believes travel writing will once again enter a golden age.

A must read/watch/share: the timely online documentary “Leading To War” which chronicles how the US government swayed the public to support the Iraq invasion.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil wants to live to witness the “singularity” – the moment when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. Find out if this is a good or bad thing. The BBC also weighs in.

Score some free copyrighted Ebooks over at Wowio.com – just don’t say I sent you.

Lastly, need to edit your travel photos online? Adobe was kind enough to release a free online version of Photoshop.

Enjoy the weekend!