Best of the Week

It’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web. Enjoy!

Lorraine Sanders gives us practical advice with an extremely long title in Five Ways Travelers Can Reduce Carbon Footprints without Spending a Dime.

The greater Tokyo metro area has over 12 million people and no trash cans. Yet there is hardly any trash on the street. Andy Stoll thinks he knows why in Trash Talking.

Technological nomads take note: Chris Mitchell delivers Seven Tips For Taking A Laptop Travelling.

Peter Casier dispells any myths in an excellent post So you want to be an aidworker, hey?

Travel writing will forever be the ‘middle-man’ of literature, writes Thomas Spurling in On Travel Writing.

Finally, who says you’re not allowed to jump on a hotel bed? Celebrate cutting loose with the offbeat