It’s that time to round up the latest and most interesting links from around the web.

Photo by Jim Snapper

John Fraser wrote an excellent article, Butchers and Monsters, about why the Chinese government will never ease it’s grip on the Tibetan people.

Misty from Matador posted a concise list of tips on how to travel on the cheap.

Judi Lees shares her experience volunteering abroad in South American orphanage.

“There’s a huge gulf between the number of people who travel and the number of people who care to read about travel,” says Gridskipper, in the aptly titled 10 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Sucks.

Enlighten Your Day published an inspiring gem Experience the Zen of traveling and change your life. Just be sure to scroll below the enormous picture.

Rick Steves thinks a broader global view would benefit Americans. “My challenge is to get Americans to be thoughtful in their travels.”

From cholera, tetanus, and dengue fever – Amanda Kendle rounds up the 10 Nastiest Travel Diseases.

Enjoy the weekend!

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