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This is from last year, but if you’re wondering how to video blog from your phone, check out How I Mashed Up A Mobile Videoblog.

Step Up Travel Offers $1000 Advocacy Grant to anyone who can identify a specific issue in a developing country that needs greater international attention and advocacy for change. Proposals are accepted until May 15.

How long before a traveler is no longer traveling? According to some, that magic number is identified in the 3 months rule.

What do you call it when men go on real vacations normally without their women and families. Apparently, a ‘man’-cation.

If you’re dreaming of hitting the road with a laptop and earning while you travel, a recent interview with a Nu Nomad offers some helpful tips.

Finally, in a world that seems separated by a clash of civilisations amid continued globalisation, can tourism bridge the gap among regions and cultures?

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