Editor Ian MacKenzie rounds up the best travel links from around the web.

Based on our popular 50 Most Inspiring Travel Quotes, Unearthing Asia has created some inspiring desktop wallpapers to encourage you to follow your dreams.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.” quoting Henry Thoreau, The Art of Non Conformity teaches you how get crackin’ and Write Your Life List.

Seems like travelers all over are tweeting their travels on Twitter. World Hum rounds up 25 Twitter Tips from the best of them.

While hiking the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, Uncornered Market founders realized they were in the presence of famous-ness: Australian super-model Gemma Ward. From their experience, they crafted the wry and hilarious 7 Ways To Trek Like A Supermodel.

Given the economy, do you feel you can’t just up and leave the country? Fear not. There’s a growing tide of travelers who feel Now Is The Best Time to Travel.

Because we can never have enough green tips (and cash), here’s 31 ways to reduce your impact while saving money.

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