Editor Ian MacKenzie rounds up his favourite links from around the web-o-sphere!

Lighting the way, Cartegena / Photo: Ian MacKenzie

One of my personal “worst case scenarios” with backpacking is when you’re in a dorm… and someone is snoring. Worst. Sleep. Ever. Here’s a roundup of 7 Tips for Sleeping through Hostel Snoring.

Another worst case scenario for others may be walking particularly hazardous sidewalks. Like this one documented by Chris Mitchell 12 Ways To Seriously Injure Yourself On A Bangkok Sidewalk.

Looking for a spiritual journey but not sure where to start? Julia Dimon (who we’ve interviewed before on BNT) offers a few ideas of where to start: from Korea, to Namibia and more.

“We are constantly surrounded by miracles,” writes Tina from Think Simple Now, “but we do not recognize them because they come to us so gracefully and seamlessly.” Learn how to avoid routine and Find Beauty In Life.

One of the primary sources of power in life is the skill of adaptation. And the way to adapt is outlined in the very interesting Art Of Change according to Tom Morris.

Many people make excuses for not doing new and fun things because they believe they have no time. “I’m so busy these days!” Or…are you? Check out 10 Tips for Freeing Up More Time for Yourself and you’ll be painting a picture or learning japanese in no time.

Lastly, a provocative post challenging: Is child sponsorship the most effective way that you and I can be involved in the lives of children in the developing world? Read it here.

Enjoy the weekend!