Best of the Week

It’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web. Enjoy!

You’d think in the age of science we’d have less travelers searching for spirituality. Not so, according to recent articles The Age Of The Pilgrim and 21st Century Religious Travel.

Myspace and Facebook used to initiate the next golden age? It’s possible, according to John Dierckx’s exploration On World Peace and Social Networking.

Lighter Footstep has put together another great post on How To Take A Green Vacation. Which reminds me, if you haven’t checked out No Impact Man, do it now.

Timen published a great roundup of 10 Travel Photography Tips from a Pro, written by Exposed Planet. Another non-travel related by still useful article is 11 Tips For Better Candid Photography.

The modern global economy runs on fear, says Road Junky. But as explained in Travel In The Age Of Terror, don’t let that stop you from defiantly venturing out into the world.

Until next week…same URL time, same URL channel.