Ian MacKenzie rounds up his favourite travel links from around the web.

Buddhist statue, Cambodia / Photo: Ian MacKenzie

Previously, we’ve written about magic mushrooms and other drugs on the road. In many areas, it is illegal to possess many of these substances. But depending on where you go, as outlined by Barbara Cleavand, it’s possible to have mind-altering vacations, without running afoul of the law.

With the threat of swine flu (or should I say H1N1), terrorism, and kidnapping, you’d think most people would stay home. Yet some travelers are going against the grain and visiting “dangerous” destinations anyway. (Check out our own 5 Reasons To Visit Banned Countries).

“If enough people in the world transformed themselves into peacemakers, war could end,” so writes Deepak Chopra in his greart article Seven Spiritual Practices for Peace.

Also on the topic of “feel good” here’s a group of people dedicated to Hug It Forward.

I can’t remember how I found Link TV, but I’m glad I did. Check out hours of excellent programming online, including the excellent Spiritual Quest show.

Speaking of great online programming, did you know PBS recently launched their video channel? I’m still wondering why people watch regular tv…

Can punk rock and Buddhism co-exist? Just ask Noah Levine, founder of Against the Stream Meditation Society, and a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Read his story In the stillness, space for a rebellious spirit.

Lastly, here’s an intriguing piece from Wired, highlighting Mystery Spots: Places Where Bizarre Forces Obscure Reality

Enjoy the weekend!