It’s that special time of week… when editor Ian MacKenzie rounds up his favourite links from around the web.

I wonder if they have internet? / Photo: tomeppy

You can find an internet cafe anywhere these days… as proven by Darren Barefoot’s photos in No 419, Spam or Porn: Internet Cafes From Farflung Corners of the Globe.

Speaking of time travel… Discover put together the clever and mind-bending Rules For Time Travelers.

“If there is one major country where history is a political instrument, it is China. ” For the ambitious, peek into the history of this massive country in the provocative China’s Interesting Times.

“It’s really a simple thing to go out and see the world,” says write 5dolla. “Planes are flying to interesting places all the time. You just need to get on one.” Check out the encouraging How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World.

From Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia, some travelers are seeking the spiritual. Browse 10 Gorgeous Pilgrimage Sites You Need to See.

What type of travel blogger are you? Jeff Patch explores a variety, from the journal to the billboard in To Travel Blog, or Not To Travel Blog.

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