It’s now that special time of the week when I round up my favourite travel-related links from around the web.

Photo by Ann Jones

“There is a common misperception about travel junkies,” says Kelly Westhoff for the Huffington Post. “It is often said that we travel to “find” ourselves. We do not. Or at least, I do not. I go looking for God.” Read My Travel, My God here.

Have a question about travel? Chances are, it’s on this list: Your 50 most asked travel questions.

Travel agents are a dying breed, proclaims Chris Eliott. But don’t let that stop you from finding the most competent agents left.

“Real change has content and direction. It’s driven by courageous people unafraid to speak up, even — or perhaps especially — when it’s risky.” Read an important article by Ann Jones on making change.

The easiest way to save the world is stay home, says Laura Vanderkam for USA Today. Fortunately, the technology to work virtually already exists.

Win some sweet travel gear! FitnessTravelGear is looking for travel essays that will inspire readers to plan their own adventures.

The travel journal blog ‘o sphere is big. Check out the Top 100 as chosen by Christina Laun.

Finally, would you be willing to bare it all on a nude vacation? Check out No Shirt, No Shoes, No Worries in the NY Times.

Enjoy the weekend!