If a roundup falls in the forest, and there’s plenty of people around to read it, does it make a sound?

The boys from Bhutan. Photo by babasteve

Imagine if you had the wisdom of a lifetime but with a twist…you still had years left to put it into action. Read the excellent 30 True Things You Need to Know Now

“Shouldn’t we be technologically advanced enough here in the 21st Century to quit siphoning off the pus of the Earth?” says the provocative article 8 Reasons We’ll Rejoice When Oil Hits $8 A Gallon.

When will the copyright boards realize they’re plugging holes in a rapidly leaking dam? Not for a while, considering this new article proposing tougher laws on illegal files.

How to plan your day, but remain open to better opportunities than may come knocking? Check out The Other Side of Productivity: Coincidences, Synchronicity, and Serendipity

Delicious Baby has a great roundup of Myanmar (Burma) photos meant to inspire aid to the country.

Could God be a product of evolution? Software says yes. Read the intriguing article from New Scientist.

Finally, the Tao of Travel, according to Dustin Wax, is that traveling “should be about something more than doing what the locals do.” Read the full article here.

Enjoy the weekend!