It’s that wonderful time of week again where I pick my favourite links from around the web, both travel and otherwise.

Obama the Enligthened One?

What a week it was! My post on mind-blowing films hit the the homepage, rocketing it past 45,000 views on Friday alone.

We also published some excellent posts that garnered many thought-provoking comments. I’m constantly amazed at the (overall) level of intelligence and sophistication of BNT’s readers. Keep it up!

And now, onto the best of the week.

Barack Obama isn’t really one of us. Not in the normal way, anyway. So says Mark Morford in his article Is Obama an enlightened being? (Warning: To be read by open-minded people only).

Robin Esrock lists off the eight best places you’ve probably never heard of (including obscure destinations in Borneo, New Caledonia, and Albania).

A great new spiritual blog I discovered this week Urban Monk, explores Attachment: Understanding the Origin of Human Suffering.

“Seekers seem like hunters on a safari to capture the soul. The spiritual path isn’t like that,” says Deepak Chopra in his article Seeking Signs of Spiritual Growth.

Gaze up the Top 5 Strange and Beautiful In The World.

Finally, Rolf Potts interviews the legendary Arthur Frommer, where they discuss his first traveling experience, and the biggest reward as a travel writer.

Enjoy the weekend! I’m off to practice my French