cityIt’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web.

Lifehack delivers 5 Things To Pack For Travel, including some unorthodox things like duct tape and wipes. (Be sure to check the comments for more ideas).

Is recycling worth the effort? The Economist answers the question with The Truth About Recycling.

There are so many random diseases out there to catch on your trip – learn all about them with the wealth of info on the CDC Traveler’s Health site.

Roadjunky turns the tables and publishes a well-written guide on The Evolution Of Travel Guide Books.

True or False: Are You A Flying Arse? Take the quiz and find out.

Rob Meyer offers a nice roundup on 30 Surefire Ways to Stretch your Travel Dollar.

Finally, prepare to have your mind blown with this incredible HDR Tutorial from Stuck In Customs.

Have a great weekend!