It’s that special time of week, where the editor of BNT rounds up his fav travel links from around the web.

Wheels in the wind, Cape Cod. Photo Ian MacKenzie

If only the headlines showed good news for a change, like this inspiring Google news mock-up.

Christine Gilbert and her blog Almost Fearless was a great discovery this week. Check out 10 Unexpected Costs of Owning Things and 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22.

Turns out there’s more similarities in the sayings of Jesus and the Buddha that you might guess. Read Tom Stine’s Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings.

How to instill kids with the desire to clean up the planet? Free Range Studios, the team behind The Meatrix, has kicked off their new green series Gorilla in the Greenhouse.

Speaking of apes…is man an ape or an angel? Steve Jones explores Darwin’s theory of natural selection, 150 years on.

Stuck in an airport until your next flight? Read the top 10 ways to kill your boredom.

Need to bargain better? Sweep that special someone off their feet? Get your friend to buy you another beer? Read 8 Ways To Get Exactly What You Want.

Enjoy the weekend!