It’s that time of week, when the stars align, the bubbles burst, and Ian rounds up the best links from the web.

Sun rays / Photo by Ian Mackenzie

Ever tried an electric skateboard? Just one of the options in the NZ’s Herald’s guide to green transportation.

Video could become more popular than text for online traveller reviews, says Anthony Rawlins. He quotes an unlikely source to back up his claims…me!

Words don’t belong in the garbage. Instead, here’s 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books

Today’s high gas prices can make anyone depressed. But what about the bright side? Time magazine shares 10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas

Then again, it’s not just the energy crisis that’s depressing. Read how the Modern World Has Robbed Us of the Simple Joys in Life

Brewed Awakening. Just Falafs. Cycloanalysts. Just a few of the 50 Best Pun Stores.

It can be extremely difficult to focus on the good when, seemingly, bad things are happening in your life. Break the habits of these 8 destructive thinking patterns!

Finally, America gets blamed for a lot of the world’s ills. But it has plenty of good to offer, as shown in the roundup: 15 Movies That Show What’s RIGHT With U.S. (hattip Eva)

Enjoy the weekend!