It’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web.

The massive worldwide concert for climate change Live Earth hits today, and the event is not without its skeptics. Megan Tady writes Rocking Out To Our Demise while Oliver Tickell exposes Live Earth’s Limits.

You never know when you’ll find yourself lost in the wilderness. How well could you survive? Prepare with The 5 Basic Survival Skills.

Joby Weeks, a young world traveler, refuses to produce “official” ID when flying on the grounds that it violates Americans’ fundamental rights. Read how well he does in How To Fly Without ID.

In a foreign country and can’t speak the language? Just wear this shirt.

Off The Radar is a traveler’s resource dedicated to bringing passionate, independent travelers reliable information about smaller, owner-operated companies around the world.

Rob Meyer shares his 5 Fundamentals of Budget Travel in the Developing World.

Lastly, I randomly stumbled across this great article by Tony Northrup buried in the Microsoft site: Tell vacation stories with photos.

Have a great weekend!