matt-hardingIt’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web.

Dance Dance Revolution! Yahoo interviews Matt “Where the Hell Is” Harding about his third trip around the world.

Travel Stories Magazine, a newcomer to the scene, is offering $50 for a travel writing contest. Deadline is Aug 31.

John Hargrave risks airport security and a prison sentence by sneaking salad dressing on his flight.

Steve Coronella blames Al Gore for signaling the end of travel literature.

For current parents (or parents to be) CNN shared a great article What is the right age for children to travel abroad?

Chris Mooney wonders what I’ve thought myself: why did global warming tip in this past year?

Are You A Boring Backpacker? Ben Groundwater reveals why you could be… and how to avoid it.

Enjoy the weekend!