Same BNT time. Same BNT channel. It’s the best of the week roundup by BNT editor Ian MacKenzie.

istockphoto / Janne Ahvo

“We are all God playing hide-and-seek with himself,” says Alan Watts. It’s just one of the Top 10 Reasons You Should Like Alan Watts, as compiled by Spiritual Mind.

In a very cool interactive map, GOOD magazine portrays the most famous journey’s throughout history, from Marco Polo to Lewis and Clark.

Did you know LSD helped foster the discovery of DNA? Or that cocaine stimulated the study of psychoanalysis? Neither did I…until I read The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High.

Forget finding that perfect beach. What about your own perfect island? Check out 5 Insanely Small And Inhabited Private Islands.

Train kids to police their parents on eco-crimes? While it seems like a good idea in practice, the new green initiative in Britain is forcing some uncomfortable references to Hitler Youth.

Speaking of green – now you can help the environment by using a green search engine. Check out Search Green Travel.

I have some friends that head out on the road with little more than a bag of hotdogs and a sleeping bag. Then there’s everybody else, who have access to the 25+ tools for a Roadtrip 2.0.

It’s a battle of epic proportions that has been going on since the dawn of time. Scientific American tackles Free Will vs. the Programmed Brain.