Modern Gonzo at Macchu PiccuIt’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web.

Robin Esrock weighs in on the 7 New Wonders of the World – offering his witty and descriptive take on each.

Two new trip sites launched recently: TripIt automatically organizes your itinerary if you email them your booking confirmations, while SimpatiGo gives you neighbourhood highlights along with regular directions.

Hostels aren’t just for dirty backpackers anymore. Benji Lanyado reveals 10 stylish sleeps that won’t break the budget.

Rob Meyer explains the benefits of making friends on the road in How To Build A Traveler’s Network.

Finally, a recent article on Dumpster Diving by Cam Karsten generated some pretty interesting discussion. Check out Pam Mandel’s rebuttal and add your own thoughts on the controversial topic.

Enjoy the weekend!

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