It’s that time of week, where Ian rounds up the best and travel-iest from around the web.

Bombay flower / Photo lecercle

Last week, we published an ariticle about giving up your dream as a surf bum. But what if you’re persistent enough to keep trying? Then you might want to read 5 Ways to Survive-and Surf-On a Negative Income.

Our very own Tim Patterson get’s an interview over on Gadling, where he talks about guidebook writing, solo travel and what’s keeping him busy.

So you’re heading to Australia? Keep your money in your pocket with this great list: 101 Free Things to Do in Australia.

“By traveling, you learn not only about the people and places you visit — you learn about yourself. But without capturing your thoughts on paper, the lessons of travel are like shooting stars you just missed,” says Rick Steves. Read his article The art of journaling as you travel. Then check out our travel writing tips.

Hitting the road with your kids can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Read 8 Things Every Traveling Parent Should Know

Losing your luggage sucks. Big time. Check out 27 Ways to Eliminate Lost Luggage at the Airport to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

To politics now. First, Rolling Stone offers Seven Days In The Life Of The Late, Great John McCain – a must-read article on the man vying for the Presidency.

Second, an illuminating piece We Are Winning: An Interview With Battle In Seattle Director Stuart Townsend.

Lastly, if we need more of anything, it’s Love Now. Enjoy!