montaukridiculousIt’s time to wrap up the week now with our favorite links from around the web.

Air travel is an indulgence. Purchasing carbon offsets is one way for eco-conscious fliers to assuage their guilt. But, as Annalee Newitz notes at AlterNet, throwing money at guilt is never a long term solution.

WARNING! The Traveler’s IQ Challenge is highly addictive. My top score is 577,666. If you can beat that, I’ll give you a full refund on this column.

For those thoroughly disillusioned with United States politicians, here’s an uplifting proposal from 2 U.S. Senators who want to revive the GI Bill and guarantee war veterans a college education.

Intelligent Travel
just launched a really cool feature called “Golden Eye” that highlights striking photography from around the world. Aspiring photographers take note: Intelligent Travel is a National Geographic publication, and they’re asking people to contribute their best travel shots!

Finally, Vagabondish dishes out 12 Clever Uses for Your Digital Camera. Digital camera as a makeshift lantern? Heck, I’ve done that.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!