Stereos in LebanonIt’s time now to roundup our favourite links from around the web.

Chuck Thompson, author of Smile When You’re Lying, offers up the similarly scathing 10 Most Overrated US Tourist Attractions.

Find out Rick Steves secret weapon! Read Confessions of a Guidebook Writer (hattip Gadling).

Vagabondish lists a few good reasons on keeping a travel blog your friends will love to read. Hint: just give us the highlights.

Chris has a useful list of budget travel websites for Europe that may come in handy if you’re heading that way.

An inspirational public school in Georgia has evolved into “a laboratory for the art of getting along, a place that embraces the idea that people from different cultures and classes can benefit each other.” Read the full story here.

If you had it all, would you give it up? Young, rich, and miserable, computer whiz Tom Williams ditched the fast lane and started his own charity social network Give Meaning.

Enjoy the weekend!

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