Best of the Week

It’s time to wrap up the week now with our favourite links from around the web. Enjoy!

Boris over at puts together a Beginner’s Guide to Traveling, filled with useful and comprehensive tips for new backpackers.

Darren Cronian rounds up a few travel tips from his friends, including why you should always use a bank while abroad (and not just a bank machine).

Lee LeFever (of TWINF) publishes a surreal video Driving 4600 Miles in 2.2 Minutes, chronicling their journey across the USA.

When can numbers fail to do justice? Dale Mugford writes an ode to those lost with Numbers Are Not Bodies.

Overwhelmed with work? Pamela Slim offers 5 Tips of Advice to declutter your life.

Lastly, Timen weighs the pros and cons of traveling with a partner.

That’s it for this week. Any great articles you’ve found? Share in the comments!