Editor Christine Garvin rounds up the most interesting inner and outer travel links of the week.

Visiting or living in Britain? Depending on where you are today, you might already see light traveling the 84 miles from coast to coast, illuminating Hadrian’s Wall.

This bright-light event is part of the 1600th anniversary celebration of the end of Roman Britain (now that’s some history). The Welcoming the Light celebration takes place in Carlisle starting at 6:40pm GMT. If anyone snaps some pictures, send them to BNT and we’ll publish them!

If you were surprised to hear about Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win, this year’s winner might be even more controversial: the internet. Yep, the world wide web has been nominated for this mega-honor.

File under the bound-to-be-even-more-controversial file: The Scientist Magazine writes that in countries where the use of porn has increased, the rate of sex crimes has gone down. One study found that “what does correlate highly with sex offense is a strict, repressive religious upbringing.” For more statistics, check out Porn: Good for us?

Is it possible that air travel is bringing back God? Michael Yessis at World Hum questions Roger Cohen’s “half-baked” theory.

The Huffington Post recently shared a sweet time-lapse video showing the Milky Way over Hawaii. Nice way to remember how small, and yet connected, we all are.

What are some other great travel links from the week? Share them below!