King's Island 3What’s that line the U.S. Postal Service uses? ….Not rain nor cold nor dead of night shall stop the mail….or some such noble sentiment.

Well, here at BNT we have our own saying:

Not a smoking fuse box, perfect surf or bikini clad Norwegian girls shall stop the Best Of The Week.

The last 30 minutes here in Punta del Diablo have presented all three obstacles to your brave editor, but never fear – here are the very best travel related links from around the world wide web.

There are lots of poorly written, self indulgent travel blogs out there. Nothing wrong with that. But when an inane backpacker diary shows up on the front page of the Guardian, readers take out the knives. Here’s a good summary of the whole affair.

In a headscratcher of a news story, two young ladies escorted off a Southwest Airlines plane by uniformed police claim they were targeted for abuse because flight attendants were jealous of their good looks. I’m not buying it. They don’t look that hot in the photo.

Stephanie Bryant offers 4 helpful tips for shooting better travel videos in this tightly written piece for the notebook.

What do you look for in a city? Becky Timbers lists the top ten attributes of a perfect city in this popular post at Everywhere Magazine, one of the coolest travel writing and photography communities on the web (outside of Matador, of course).

OK – I’m off to the beach. Until next week!

BNT contributing editor Tim Patterson travels with a sleeping bag and pup tent strapped to the back of his folding bicycle. His articles and travel guides have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Get Lost Magazine, Tales Of Asia and Traverse Magazine. Check out his Matador profile.

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