Rabbit RideIt’s that wonderful time of the week where we round up a random assortment of articles that I’ve deemed worthy enough to share with you. Enjoy!

The 2008 Bloggy Awards are now open for nominations – and I’m still baffled by the fact they don’t have a category for “Best Travel Blog.” If you feel like putting a good word in for BNT under “Best Group Blog” we’d be eternally grateful.

As a nice counter-argument to our previous about 7 Reason to Travel with One Bag, Ubertramp posted 5 Good Reasons to Travel with MORE Than One Bag.

Worried about quitting your job to travel? The Lost Girls assuage your fears and offer tips on leaving the workplace behind (if only temporarily).

Two excellent articles from the NY Times that shouldn’t be missed: Tips on Traveling the Globe with a Single Ticket and the tongue-in-cheek A User’s Manual to Seat 21C.

What the difference between seeking wealth and seeking liberation? Find out in Hobopoet’s thoughtful post on Dharma Economics.

Finally, imagine being born without legs, and traveling the world documenting the odd stares that people gave you. Enter: The Rolling Exhibition.

Enjoy the weekend! I’m off to LA on Monday.