Best of the Week

If there’s one thing I spend a lot of my time doing, it’s reading other blogs.

Which got me thinking: I should be sharing the top links instead of burying them in my bookmarks.

So from now on, every Saturday will be BNT’s Best Of The Week travel roundup. Hope you enjoy this first edition:

  • If you’re young and heading to Europe, you may want to check out Young In Europe, an online travel community for sharing insider info on the best spots to visit.
  • Travel columnist Julia Dimon offers some tips on How To Travel Blog while Timen debates the pros and cons of keeping a journal at all.
  • Mary over at Eco Travel Lounge outlines a few Spring Break alternatives, such as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or EarthWatch.
  • Pia Taylor asks would you know how to survivor a hostel fire? – essential information for every budget traveler.
  • And finally, Daniel writes about the best ways to save money for your trip of a lifetime (hint: get out of debt).

That’s it for this week. I’m off to explore the 2007 Northern Voice blogging conference.