BNT adds new editor, Ian fades into the shadows.

Years ago, I wrote a short story called “The Attic.” I had been reading too much Stephen King at the time, reflected in the subject matter of my own character (a homicidal maniac who kept forgetting his crimes).

But while the story is, sadly, forgettable, I still believe the theory I explored is sound.

“The Attic” is a metaphor for the idea that the human mind can only retain so much information. Sure, it can be packed away somewhere in the bowels of our brains, but our ability to retain, analyze, and process so much data is limited.

Eventually, we’re full.

This leads up to my own announcement: I’m stepping away as Editor of Brave New Traveler.

There’s simply too much to do. Myself and the rest of the Matador folks are planning some major site upgrades across the network, and it’s too much for me to handle at the same time. BNT would suffer my lack of focused attention.

As well, my co-editor Tim Patterson has been gallavanting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

But take heart – replacing me is the talented and worldly Julie Schwietert, who also manages many of the other channels in the Matador Network. She’s promised to take the reigns with care, and continue publishing spiritual, provocative, and thoughtful articles.

I won’t disapear completely. I’ll continue publishing BNT’s Best of the Week and the odd article here and there.

As for our stable of writers, please submit your future queries through our submission form or directly to

Thanks to all wonderful readers and contributors!