The idea of the shadow has to be liberated. We must go into the places that scare us, into the darkness, and make friends with our demons.
~ Bhagavan Das

THIS NEWS JUST ABOUT made my Sunday morning: What About Me?, a movie filmed around the world that incorporates music from different cultures, spiritual / philosophical leaders and teachers, and universal topics of humanity, is now freely accessible to everyone.

I first saw the film at a Melbourne film fest in 2008 and fell in love with it right away. I bought it and have since watched it a couple dozen times. It’s one of those movies that reveals itself in layers, and depending what space you’re in, different things will jump out at you at different times.

As it was only released on the PAL system, it was largely unavailable to North American residents. There were attempts to distribute it in NA but it never happened. I’ve screened it in New York and Nelson, BC. I interviewed one of the filmmakers, Jamie Catto. All in efforts to spread awareness and get this message out there.

The movie has inspired and informed me in my life and in many of the things I’ve written about at Matador. Because of the rich imagery and beautiful soundtrack, the best experience is to watch this on a big screen with big sound. But even if all you have is a netbook with tinny speakers, that’ll do.

It’s two hours long, but don’t put it off “until you have the time.” Just start watching it; see where it takes you. You can watch it in bits, or let yourself be taken along. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and are inspired.