Tim and Ian have the whole world in their hands.

For the next few months, things will be a little different around BNT.

Co-editor (and all around nice guy) Tim Patterson will be on the road, leading a tour with the youth group Where There Be Dragons.

Fortunately for him, he’ll be deep in the nether regions of Cambodia, and unlikely to have access to reliable WIFI. So during the journey, Tim will be temporary relinquishing his editorial duties for BNT, leaving it up to me to hold down the metaphorical ship.

Don’t worry, dear readers. I edited the magazine alone during the first 12 months, and I can certainly do it again. But this time, I’ll have the support of the rest of the Matador Network team: talented editors, writers, and genuine individuals.

So as Tim waits for his flight to take him away, I want to wish him an excellent trip! And there’ll be plenty of work for him…when he returns.

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