4th of July in New York | Photo: Alex Andrei

Hello BNT readers! We wanted to wish you and yours a happy and safe Fourth of July. Have a nice burger (or veggie burger), get drunk (if so inclined), and watch some fireworks.

Now a great fireworks show can be a magical experience, full of excitement and wonder. They’re used to commemorate special events (as well as launch some of our biggest weekend sales).

But fireworks have a more interesting origin. They were invented in China about a thousand years ago as a way to scare off evil spirits.

If you didn’t already know, evil spirits have a well known hatred of anything loud and on fire (uh… which is obviously very different from everything else on the planet.)

As you spend the weekend with your bottle-rockets and souped-up sparklers, make sure to keep things safe and away from your face. After all, you only have two eyes, but DO have 10 fingers to play with.

Now enjoy this hilarious clip of Homer Simpson on an illegal fireworks run to the Kwik-E-Mart: