Brave New Traveler celebrates its 2nd Birthday with a tribute video from the Matador Team.

Two years is a long time. That translates into hundreds of hours, blog posts, writers, cups of coffee, and existential angst… but most importantly, it’s a milestone.

When I started BNT back in October 2006, I had no idea if it would be a success. But I certainly knew it had potential. I even promised “Stick along for the ride. I promise it will be a journey.”

Thankfully, I believe BNT has lived up to its original intentions. With the help of co-editor Tim Patterson, and more recently the expansion of the entire Matador Network, the focus of BNT may have shifted, but the heart is in the right place.

A reader wrote in a recent email:

I have been reading Brave New Traveler for just about a year now. The articles that I have come across upon browsing this website have been a delightful surprise. They are some of the most thoughtful and insightful commentaries about the experiences gained from traveling.

Your passion for travel and adventure, matched with your unselfish interest in learning more about the world and others, has generated some thought provoking points. I am constantly challenged to view the world in new ways when I visit Brave New Traveler.

Whenever I am challenged by my counterparts at home about my bold decision to travel abroad (generally I am supported), I revert back to Matador Travel where I can connect with an entire community of people who understand the spirit of adventure.

I want to thank you and the rest of the community at Brave New Traveler for sparking a new generation of travelers. Your integrity in the travel community has not gone unnoticed.

Thanks again for all our readers for making Brave New Traveler (and the entire Matador Network) an amazing community.

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