Editor Ian MacKenzie asks the universe (and all BNT readers) to help reach our readership goal.
The Goal: Reach 4000 RSS Subscribers by May 31, 2009.

In return, here’s what we promise:

  • Ian MacKenzie, Editor in Chief, will run joyfully naked down a white sandy beach.
  • Christine Garvin, Co-editor, will bend a steel bar with the energy of her neck. Or “neck-ergy” as I call it.

These amazing feats of nakedness and strength will of course be featured in an entertaining and cleverly edited video.

For those not in the know, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s that little orange square that you see on a lot of websites with a number that goes up and down. Here’s a handy explanation.

How To Help:

Essentially any way possible that aids us in hitting (or exceeding) that number is greatly appreciated. Here’s some specific ideas:

  • Email your traveler friends and family
  • Post about us on your blog
  • Tweet us on Twitter
  • Tie a note to your dog’s collar and set him free
  • Write a song and upload it to Youtube
  • Draw a picture and share it on Flickr
  • …and anything else you can think of!

Link Love For Everyone!

All sharable acts of helping us out will be linked to in a celebratory blog post along with our video. So this means we’ll link to your blog post, share your picture, embed your song…you get the idea. So when you post, send us a note to let us know it’s up.

What do you say, readers? Are you with us? If you haven’t yet, grab the BNT RSS Feed here!

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