DANIEL NORTHCOTT was a young Vancouver-based filmmaker. He died from leukemia eight years into his life’s work, a film project in which he recorded over 1000 hours of footage from 42 countries. The mysterious part is that he was diagnosed with the disease only months after returning from a trip to a sacrificial Mayan burial cave in Mexico. He was warned that the bones have “bad vibes” and that people get sick when they take them. Despite the warning, he felt compelled to keep a small bone.

In the last months of his life, without the energy and time to complete his film, he made a 40-minute sketch of his vision and left all the footage to his sister, Erin, in his will. She will fulfill his dream of completing the film and spreading his message of world unity. As part of his dying wish, and “out of respect for the Mayan people,” Erin will be returning the bone to the cave, which they found after sorting through Daniel’s belongings after he passed away.

How you can help finish the project

Daniel’s family has found a studio and a team to help finish the film. Through Indiegogo, they are trying to crowdfund $183,000 (at the time of writing, they were at 40% with nine days left). The funding ends January 30 at midnight. Help contribute to the Be Brave campaign. Details, including how the funds will be used, can be found there. You can also find the team on Facebook.