RC Cone’s short film about ditching the rat race to explore Montana’s rivers speaks to more than just the fishing enthusiast.

Screenshot from video

AFTER WATCHING THIS FILM, I considered tossing my laptop into the nearest river.

With wages remaining stagnant for almost 40 years and high unemployment threatening to keep it that way, having an unfulfilling job is getting less and less appealing. Stress is going up. The standard of living is going down.

Under its “this is what I did” guise, “Breathe” is a call to action. This one film may not be enough to make someone cash it in and hit the road, but it does highlight what is missing from so many people’s lives: a hierarchy of what’s important: Sanity over dollars.

For anyone on the edge, let this film tip you over.

Video created by RC Cone and Imago Fly Fishing.