BEFORE I get on with my point, I’d just like to say I thought this was great. Anyone’s who’s actually seen this Robin Williams comedy (which is, let me point out, now over 20 years old) will understand the ridiculousness of this spoof trailer.

As entertaining as this is, I couldn’t help but think about how we’re constantly manipulated by media on a daily basis. And it’s not even just big newspapers and TV networks that are doing it these days – we get fragments of stories through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. And because of the steady stream of bits of information, many of us don’t, or can’t, take the time to dig deeper. We take things at face value and assign judgement.

All of the scenes in the above clip are taken from the real Mrs. Doubtfire movie. These are like facts. They are indisputable. It’s a perfect example of how facts, once taken out of context, can be twisted, re-arranged, and put back together to represent something completely different. Yes, the spoof is hilarious, and I can take it for what it is. But I also see it as a reminder to always look further to find truth.

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